the project

This Is How I Really Feel is an exploration of Mental Health and coping in our community. 

Our world today is overpowered by our curated, censored social media lives. The happy times, the accomplishments, the “stuff” we’ve acquired. We’ve become a society accustomed to answering the question “how are you today?”, with an automatic, calculated response to keep the conversation rolling onto the next topic. We skim over our real life to share only what we think others want to hear.

This Is How I Really Feel seeks to break down those walls we’ve built up around ourselves. To share our true realities. To get back to real conversations.

Through a series of interviews with various members of our community we have created a photographic portrait series that explores the mental health issues that they live with everyday. Each person’s story was unique, which is why each portrait has it’s own individual elements and emotions. The consistent theme throughout the series, however, is one of struggle and determination to keep pushing forward.

From depression and anxiety, to OCD, to grief, to PTSD, these are their real struggles, real fears, and the ways they have found to cope. 

They shared with us the lack of support in our system and the feeling that they are alone.

They have been brave. They have been completely honest and upfront about their struggles.

They are strong. They are all of us.

Mental health touches each and everyone of us in some way, at some point in our lives and we are tired of hiding it. 

the people

We believe the project is some of our most important work to date, and we are so proud, and humbled by everyone who came forward to share their stories with us. 

Through over 40 hours of interviews, we got to know these incredible people, their stories, and see first hand, the resilience each of them has developed throughout their lifetime.

Their stories are personal, often painful, and yet hopeful. And there is no way this project would have been possible, without the bravery and contributions from each and every one of them.

We ask that you please use this series to talk about the mental health issues in our lives and in our communities. We want everyone to be able to share how they really feel.

the show

Currently on exhibit at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Gallery from June 9th-Aug 27, 2016.

Consists of 23 portraits representing 23 different stories of mental health. 

Exhibit also includes a space for viewers to share their own personal stories anonymously through a comment jar, encouraging the viewer to be part of the conversation on mental health in our communities. 

All portraits are 4’x3’ digital photography glicee prints.


We hope to launch both a Yukon Territory, as well as a Pan-Territorial tour of “This Is How I Really Feel” in the fall of 2016. 

If you are interested in showcasing the exhibit in your community, please contact the artists with by the link below.